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Drytech helps homeowners to get dry and serviceable basements.

Drytech solves problems arising from ascending moist in basements. We install the Drytech system which uses electronic pulses to force moisture from basement walls into the surrounding soil layer. This process is called electro osmosis.

The Drytech system is the most well-documented system within electro osmosis technology.

Since 2013, Drytech has completed more than 800 Drytech system installations in Denmark targeted at drying off moist basements.

Drytech’s French business partner, Drymatech, likewise helps French homeowners put an end to the problem of moist basements.

Drymatech is a highly experienced enterprise within construction and consultancy as well as within the installation of the Drytech system.

Please contact us, if you wish to learn more about Drytech in Denmark and Drymatech in France: